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Create the first Nocode ecosystem capable of producing
100,000 applications per year

From 100,000 to ...

500 million

This is the need for applications by 2024...

That's a lot, and it's TOMORROW!

Only 0,3%
of the world's population
can code,
What is the solution?

Nocode is the answer.

Who are we?Β 

We are optimists. "Alegria" is our reflection of Technology - a world of joy and inclusion where all projects come to life. Thanks to the Nocode approach, the group wants to unleash the creative force of all: from students to entrepreneurs, or employees and support functions.

Train, federate and create in Nocode: these are the 3 goals of alegria.group, the first community entirely dedicated to the evangelisation of this technology without coding and committed to a Tech accessible to all.

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Nocode Maker, the new flagship job in tech


Driven by a desire to create and to reveal hidden talents, professional Nocode Makers are comfortable in multiple digital areas.


Agile, adaptable, they can launch a project without a CTO, automate repetitive tasks, optimise their time and that of their clients.

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The voice of Alegria️

We all have projects to realize!

Discover the voice of Alegria and let the melody of your ideas guide you...