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2021 will be the year of the Nocode!

In 2021, three essential tools for any Nocode Maker will compete in the ring: Airtable, Bubble, Webflow. They are the stars of the next few years! ✨

Each has provided its financial weapons, and for the moment, it is clear that Airtable and Webflow are ahead of Bubble.

The 3 stars decided to conquer the Nocode mountain from a different side, so each one has its own fan club:

🎨 Webflow is the darling of designers with a very UX/UI approach

💻 Bubble is adored by developers converted to Nocode and advocates total freedom in application design

⚙️ Airtable is favored by people in the business who abandon Excel for this unbeatable tool when it comes to going fast

2021 will also be the year when the enemy brothers will converge their functionalities. The competition will be tough!

📲 Airtable launches into app creation and will probably soon allow to manage permissions

🖌 Bubble is preparing its new studio

🔃 Webflow has announced the upcoming launch of workflows

We're excited about this competition because it's how we'll gain even more functionality and maturity. At Alegria.tech, we can't wait to test the next updates of our favourite trio! 💥

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