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5 life-changing tools to build your website on Webflow

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ClΓ©mence Aroq, Community Builder and Jean-Baptiste Bossis, Head of Visual Programming at Alegria.tech are at the helm of the podcast "Decode the Nocode". For this 3rd edition, we decode 5 life-changing tools to build your site on Webflow πŸ™Œ

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In this episode, we will decode the tools that can help you optimize your Webflow site. For those of you who don't know, Webflow is a CMS that allows you to create websites using an intuitive editor.

Despite its many advantages, when you create a site with Webflow, some features may be missing or not deep enough. We present today 5 tools that will help you to overcome these problems.

Tool 1: Optily

With this first tool, we are going to talk about the images that make up your site: thanks to Optily, you can compress and optimise them automatically.

While maintaining optimal quality, the tool allows you to compress up to 80% of your images. This optimization will allow your pages to load faster and therefore improve your SEO.

Tool 2: Jetboost

Jetboost allows you to implement more complex search and filtering features than is possible with the built-in Webflow filters.

As you may know, with Webflow, you can filter lists of CMS collections via the filtering features. However, this functionality can be quite limited, especially if you want the visitor to filter a list directly on the page.

Tool 3: Memberstack

With the Memberstack tool, you'll be able to add a secure and encrypted user authentication system with just one line of code. You can also connect to their Stripe integration with one click to accept payments immediately.

Tool 4: Weglot

Weglot allows you to make your website multilingual in minutes and manage your translations easily. Your pages are translated in minutes and then automatically indexed according to Google's best practices for multilingual SEO.

Tool 5: Cookie consent

The Cookie consent plug-in was designed specifically for Webflow, it allows you to create a custom cookie consent user interface in compliance with the RGPD law.

Stay tuned & see you next week for more Nocode news! ⚑️

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