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Pioneering Nocode Innovation

The Nocode leaders Club members are CDOs, CMOs, CPOs, CTOs or Head of Nocode & Lowcode, in large companies and scale-ups. They all have in common to be leading the implementation and adoption of low-code and Nocode platforms, therefor playing a critical role in driving digital transformation and maximizing the value of low-code and Nocode technology within their organization.

Driving innovation

Heads of Low-code and Nocode work closely with IT, business units, and stakeholders to understand their needs and identify opportunities for using these platforms to improve processes and drive innovation

Strategic vision

Nocode Leaders Club members are responsible for developing a strategy for their organization's use of low-code and Nocode platforms, establishing governance and control mechanisms.

Nocode tools expert

Nocode decision makers evaluate and select low-code and Nocode vendors and platforms, manage budgets and resource allocation, and ensure the platforms are used effectively to meet business goals

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