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It's a space for exchange, live or collaborative learning. A place where we can talk about the things we are passionate about. And it's free!



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A place where makers can learn from each other

A place where makers can learn from each other

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Maker Webflow @Napaqaro
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10 days full time
Maker Udo
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1 year full time
Maker Webflow @ethiwork
Short mission,
15 days full time
Maker Bubble
@Chais d'oeuvre
Long term mission,
3 months full time
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The answers to your questions!

How do I know if I am a professional maker?


At Alegria, we only recruit Makers who are already professionals! For us, you're a pro Maker if you've been earning a living from your Nocoder activity for at least 3 months.

You can join Alegria as a beginner, advanced or expert! Even if you are a beginner, it is necessary to be autonomous in the management of your client. It will be your responsibility to acquire the methodology while respecting our quality standards.


What are the technical stacks most used at

Bubble, Webflow, Make and Airtable are the most requested by our customers! But the list of needs is endless among the 750 tools referenced at

What does the community bring me concretely?

Joining means joining the community of the best Nocoders.

You will be able to interact with passionate people and develop your skills with the best.

And also events : Live, Masterclass, Games, Demo tools...



What does it mean to join the community?

Membership in the community is free and without obligation.

You are free to leave it whenever you want.


Once in the community, what is the process for assignments?

Apply for the missions that interest you via the community Discord, try to get the mission during a first meeting with the project manager, then you will meet the client if you are selected


It's time to join us

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