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(to 01/30/2024)
Nocode School and AI diploma
100% financeable training for the learner
They trust us to teach AI and Nocode, a school dedicated to Nocode and artificial intelligence

Since 2021, has been offering a 15-month work-study course leading to certification, and since May 2023 has been offering online training. Since 2022, has been putting its expertise at the service of corporate teams through customized training courses and catalog training courses adapted to corporate needs.
To find out more about our BtoB training courses, visit the Companies section of this website.

A 4-step application process
to join our diploma course

this site
Duration: 2 minutes
We'll need a few details from you to find out more about you and create your application tracking file.
Personality test
Duration: 45 minutes
At, we prefer to focus on a candidate's real potential and personality, rather than on their CV.
with the
pedagogical team
Duration: 30 minutes
If you are eligible, an interview is organized with the team to confirm your interest in our training program.
Search your
Duration: from a few days to several weeks
We can help you find the right company for your 12-month work-study program.
To join our online training course, click here
Apply training is state-approved's long training course prepares students for the BAC+3 level qualification of Application Developer Designer(RNCP 37873 - Level 6)

This government recognition confirms the seriousness of's training, and Nocode as a digital development method.
Alegria academy RNCP diploma course is ...

trained per year
students per class
3 months
back to school every
3 months
of average salary
at exit
billed per day** (freelance)

partner companies
* insertion study June 2023
** Average observed on the Malt platform

A unique 15-month program

We also offer BtoB training courses. Go to the Companies section of the site to find out more.


399 hours
The basics of development

Build, develop, design in Nocode
Project management
3 months training


400 hours
Visual Programming
or Automation

Specialization takes place during the work-study phase of the training.
12 months specialization

Nocode and AI: a wealth of opportunities

Thanks to the skills acquired in Nocode and artificial intelligence, learners can position themselves as versatile and agile professionals, capable of creating applications, websites and customized solutions without the need for coding skills. Job opportunities abound in companies of all sizes, digital agencies, startups and even as freelancers, offering real flexibility and a promising path into the digital world.

This certification is aimed at professional integration, but further studies following certification are also possible via courses accessible from a Bac +3/4 level diploma.
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Application designer and developer


Automation specialist


IT Project Manager

Some of the companies
that hire our apprentice Makers

1 month
This is the average time for
to find a work-study program.
* Average time between a student's eligibility and the signing of a contract with the host company
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Would you like to recruit a work-study student trained in Nocode and AI?

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" opened the doors to a new world, that of Nocode, and I was immediately won over by its possibilities".
Lucie Gomes
Lucie Gomes
Programming student
alegria collaborator
Nocode and AI experts
trained per year
(to 01/30/2024)

Become a Nocode and AI expert

Thanks to speakers who are the best
in their stack.
100% financeable training for the learner

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All the answers to your questions are here Tell me more!

‍ is the school launched by, the European leader in Nocode technologies.

The group's ambition is to create the first ecosystem capable of producing over 100,00 digital applications by bringing together the largest community of professional Nocode Makers.

Founded in December 2020, the group produced over 100 solutions for as many customers in its first year, and has already brought together over 150 Makers who are experts in their fields.
To rapidly expand this community and meet the exponential demand from our customers, decided to launch for its first anniversary, the world's first training school for Nocode professionals.

The school benefits from all the experience accumulated by to train the best Makers in all Nocode and artificial intelligence technologies!

Are there any certifications?


Yes,'s 15-month training course delivers state-recognized certification.

We're proud to be the first school specializing in Nocode to award a BAC+3 level qualification (RNCP 37873 - Level 6) as an Application Developer Designer. This official certification is the fruit of our ongoing commitment to promoting and training Nocode developers. It attests to the seriousness and quality of our long training program, as well as to the credibility of Nocode as a modern and powerful application development approach.

Our certified students benefit from increased recognition on the job market, offering them diverse and rewarding professional opportunities. Our rigorous training, delivered by experts in the field, prepares them to meet the challenges of the Nocode world. The award of this certification enables our students to showcase their acquired skills to employers, and to stand out in the field of codeless application development.

What are the opportunities?


Nocode and artificial intelligence technologies are booming! The employers who recruit our students on completion of their training are very numerous: they include start-ups and scale-ups, major groups and digital agencies, both generalist and Nocode specialists. There are currently a large number of vacancies, both in the Paris region and elsewhere in France, for both face-to-face and telecommuting positions.

It is estimated that there will be around 100,000 professional Nocode Makers by 2025! Many will also go straight into freelance work if they so wish. Demand for Nocode and AI experts is the fastest-growing category in 2021, according to the Malt! platform.

In the world of Nocode, several jobs are possible: Nocode Maker, Nocode project manager, Nocode agency salesman... and even others that we can't imagine yet.

What is the average exit salary?


If you work for a company or an agency, you can look forward to an attractive salary, averaging between €35 and €40k at the start of your career.

Of course, freelance Makers also earn a very good living, with projects invoiced at €400 to €500 ex VAT per day, and much more for the best experts.

You'll be able to discuss these points with our teams and, above all, with the company you'll be joining as an intern, which will surely be delighted to welcome you on a permanent contract once you've successfully completed your course, if that's your choice.

How and when can I access training?


Applications close 2 weeks before the start of a session. This gives candidates time to meet the prerequisites, in particular finding a host company for the work-study program.


How can I contact


To contact you have several options:

  • by emailing the team at
  • by making an appointment for a chat using the Chatbot visible throughout the site
What are the dates of the next sessions?


Applications are open for the following sessions:

From 05/13/2024 to 08/08/2025 - Specialization: Automation, Visual Programming

From 15/07/2024 to 10/10/2025 - Specialization: Automation, Visual Programming