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Why become a Nocode maker?

Great flexibility

Nocode jobs are nowadays very adapted to telecommuting. Training is the luxury of being able to choose where you want to work

Career opportunities

Good skills in Nocode can open many career opportunities for you

A highly sought-after profession!

Job offers on Nocode jobs continue to increase on platforms. Finally, choose the missions that interest you.

To be able to change the world

You will be able to put your creativity to work for the causes that matter to you. Your atypical background will contribute to a more inclusive tech.
Enroll in the training in 4 steps

To join, it's simple, just follow these steps!

Apply here

We're asking for some information to learn more about you and create your application tracking file.

AssessFirst Personality Test

At, we prefer to focus on the real potential and personality of candidates rather than on their CV.

Interview with the educational team

If you are eligible, an interview is organized with the team to confirm your interest in our training.

Search for your company

We help you find a company that will host you for your 12-month work-study program.

3 months of training

2 weeks
"La piscine"


La Piscine allows you to discover all the learning methods of the training: group work, peer-learning or project-based teaching.
  • Think like a developer
  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML / CSS / JS
  • Understand the algorithm (arrays, hash)
  • Mastering relational databases
  • Develop a general maker culture

3 months of training

2 1/2 months
core curriculum


Our core curriculum is designed to teach you to master the Nocode tools step by step, until you can build your own web applications from scratch.
  • Building in Nocode: Visual Building (Airtable, Integromat, Zapier, Notion...)
  • Designer in Nocode : Visual Designing (Webflow, Glide, Adalo, Dorik...)
  • Developing in Nocode: Visual Programming (Bubble, PowerApps...)
  • Management of digital projects in a team

12 months specialization

work-study program


The specialization allows you to become an expert in a specific field. The work-study program allows you to learn on the job. It is also the guarantee of a salary and a chance for a permanent contract at the end of the course.
  • Maker Fullstack - Developing complex applications
  • Maker Frontend - Creating exceptional interfaces
  • Maker Automation - Building ultra-powerful automations
"I can finally have
the renderings I want!"
Thanks to Nocode I can finally express my creativity and have the results and appearances I want without being blocked by code.
Thanina Sadoune
Nocode and LowCode maker
"I'm really making a difference in my clients' lives."
The Nocode Maker job is ideal for people who are resourceful, passionate about tech and like to be of service.
Julien Mottet Airtable Maker
"Nocode is accessibility at the service of my ideas!"
My technical limits are blurred, and the field of possibilities extends further than ever!
Judith Aroq - Nocode and Lowcode maker
"A real revolution in the developer's profession"
The Nocode tools allowed me to create projects much faster and to be much more agile to satisfy the client.
Mickael Vermand - Bubble maker
"I've never been more efficient."
Using Nocode tools saves me a lot of time. What I used to do before as a dev takes me 3x less time today.
Valentin Rubio
Webflow maker
Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack // Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack // Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack //
Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack // Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack // Our pedagogy to train in Nocode with the best speakers in their stack //

Say goodbye to lectures, blossom while learning

The training days, both face-to-face and remote, will break your daily routine

Classes of up to 25 students
80% practice. 20% theory
Find solutions on your own, but not alone
Learn to learn to stay on top of things
The best Nocode experts at your service

Some of our teachers
renowned and committed experts in France
and internationally.

Nicolas Vandenbusche
Expert and trainer for fullstack web development
Lucien Tavano
Bubble Expert Founder of the Bubble Paris meetup
Camille Blanchod
Expert and ambassador Notion  Founder of Notion in French
Noam Say
Airtable Expert Zapier Certified Expert
You will be well accompanied
You will be well accompanied

You want to recruit a student trained in Nocode?

Contact us

So that the questions are quickly answered ? Tell me more! is the European leader in Nocode technologies.

Our ambition is to create the first ecosystem capable of producing over 100,000 digital applications by bringing together the largest community of professional Nocode Makers.

Founded in December 2020, the group produced more than 400 solutions for as many clients in its 2 first years and has already brought together more than 250 expert makers in their fields.

To rapidly expand this community and meet the exponential demand of our customers, decided to launch, the world's first school for Nocode professionals, for its first anniversary.

The school thus benefits from all the experience accumulated by the to train the best Makers on all Nocode technologies!

Are there any certifications? is a professional training organization. As such, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. But more than a diploma or a title, we offer you the possibility of getting a job directly, as an employee or as a freelancer, at the end of your course!

Finally, thanks to the partnerships we have established with the main Nocode solution editors, you will have been specially prepared to apply for and pass the official certifications set up by these editors, depending on the specializations you have chosen.

What are the opportunities?

Nocode technologies are booming! The employers who recruit our students at the end of their training are numerous: start-ups and scale-ups, large groups, generalist digital agencies or agencies specialized in Nocode. There are currently many job offers, in the Paris region but also in the provinces, for face-to-face or remote work.

It is estimated that there will be around 100,000 professional Nocode Makers to be trained by 2025! Many will also go straight into freelancing if they wish. The demand for Nocode experts is the fastest growing category in 2021 according to the Malt platform.

In the world of Nocode, several jobs are possible: Nocode Maker, Nocode project manager, Nocode agency salesman... and even others that we can't imagine yet.

What is the average exit salary?

For a job in a company or in an agency, you will be able to claim an advantageous salary, between 35 and 40k€ on average at the beginning of your career.

Of course, freelance Makers also earn a very good living, with projects charged 400 to 500€ HT per day, and much more for the best experts.

You will be able to discuss these points with our teams and especially with the company that you will join during your internship, which will surely be delighted to welcome you on a permanent contract after the successful completion of your course, if this is your choice.

What are the dates of the next sessions?

Applications are open for the following sessions:

From 2/5/2023 to 1/8/2024 - Specialization: Fullstack, Automation

From 10/7/2023 to 25/10/2024 - Specialization: Automation, Fullstack