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Tools mastered by our experts

Our 250+ experts master a very broad stack of over 50 Nocode and AI tools. We can't display them all!

If you're an entrepreneur, freelancer or have a side project,why not get some coaching?

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Develop 20% faster without getting stuck for hours on end


Don't get stuck in your development - call on our experts!

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Develop your application yourself, without hiring a €500/day developer

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Learn to work like a professional and satisfy your customers

Progress faster

Progress twice as fast as on your own

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Knowing where to start to develop your project and not forgetting anything

Integrating AI

Don't miss out on AI by integrating it into your products

Avoiding the wrong technical choices

So you don't have to redo all your app development.

Our no-obligation offer :
1 houra month with an expert and exclusive bonuses

24/7 access to our AI and Nocode coach

Alegria.bot, for instant answers to all your questions
Value €97 / month

Access to our private community

entrepreneurs and freelancers in the same situation as you.
Value €147 / month

Monthly group coaching

with Francis Lelong, co-founder of Alegria.group and Sarenza.com
Value €197 / month

Automatic recordings

of your coaching sessions to easily find key moments in an instant
Value €20 / month

Discounts on many Nocode and AI tools

obtained just for you.
Value €197 / month

Private events

Organized regularly by Alegria.network
Value €97 / month

Exclusive newsletter

to keep abreast of Nocode and AI news
Value €20 / month

Exclusive discounts

About our future Nocode, AI and other training courses
Value €225 / month
Total value: €962/month
Today: €147/month
+120€/h additional

An offer tailored to your needs

Matching within 24h

Our dedicated team will select the coach best suited to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match.

Continuous monitoring

Opt for continuous follow-up with the same coach: save time by not having to re-explain your project at every session!

Flexible hours

Add additional hours at any time, or carry over your unused hours to the following month for maximum flexibility (up to a maximum of one additional month).Coaching took less time than expected? Don't worry, your balance will still be available until the end of the month.

European leader in AI and Nocode


SME clients, startups
and large accounts


customer projects


Nocode and AI mastered

Our methodology

Our coaching methodology is distinguished by its unique approach, shaped by experience and success. It is the fruit of in-depth reflection and expertise acquired through the realization of over 500 AI and Nocode projects for a variety of prestigious companies, such as L'Oréal, Enedis, Thalès, Franprix, Veepee, Blablacar, Le Figaro....

This experience has enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges these companies face, and to adapt our methods accordingly.

Our expertise is reinforced by the training of over 2,000 people, enabling us to continually refine our coaching techniques to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Our approach is therefore tried, tested and constantly improved, guaranteeing coaching of the highest quality, adapted to the realities of today's professional world.

Our customers speak
about us

"The Nocode solution delivered by alegria.group is more stable, more secure and less expensive than a platform built in code would have been. We have more than reached our objectives with 4000+ users and 600+ purchases in less than 3 months."
Maxime Baffert
"Impressive! Alegria supported me on 2 projects with a no-code approach. Professional, they understood my needs and offered aesthetic and functional solutions. No code is the future! And thanks above all to the whole team, who were really available, even late at night! I highly recommend them!"
Bastien Riera
"The Alegria teams have a perfect command of the nocode tools and their complementarities. Their advice is always sound. The process is fluid and the speed of execution is one of nocode's great assets!"
Philippe Guillouzic
"After evaluating the leading French nocode/lowcode agencies, we clearly felt we should choose Alegria. From a product point of view, the challenge was to build a product on a database as a service provider for the 3rd largest bike sharing service in the world. From the beginning of the project and up to now, they've been creative and have never let us down!"
Yacine Ghafour

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