The Nocode for a more inclusive Tech !

Give the opportunity to become a digital player to the 99.7% of the population that does not know how to code.

Women in tech

Nocode provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gender gap in tech. With traditional development roles often lacking in gender diversity, Nocode provides a way for women to quickly enter and excel in tech at higher rates., our school for training Nocode pros, promotes a more inclusive and diverse tech.

By reserving 50% of our graduating classes for women, we are actively working to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for all students.

Tech for good

Traditional software development can be time-consuming and expensive, which can be a barrier for nonprofit projects that may have limited resources. By being cheaper and faster, Nocode is the best solution for impactful nonprofit projects contributes to Share It through skills sponsorship.
Share It provides free support to NGOs by developing digital solutions with them to strengthen their impact.

Tech for all

Nocode allows people who don't fit the traditional developer profilex to have access to the tools and resources they need to create software and websites. By removing the barrier of code and the need for technical expertise, Nocode enables individuals and groups from all walks of life to bring their ideas to life. was able to participate in the development of a logistics platform in just a few days to deliver products to Ukraine at the beginning of the war as part of the #EnsembleUkraine movement.

Job in tech

With its ease of access and shorter trainings, Nocode offers people who are not currently employed, including those seeking a career change and senior citizens, the opportunity to gain valuable skills and enter the workforce. participates in WinSide's Nocode training courses. Winside is a training organization with a social impact, aimed at people who are far from employment or digital skills
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