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A long-term entrepreneur seduced by the technological revolution offered by No-Code, Amaury joins Alegría to develop the group's activities across the Atlantic from his new adopted city, Mexico!

Country Manager Latam

After a Master's degree in digital marketing, Clémence, who is passionate about food, joined Thierry Marx's famous school, "Media Social Food", in order to learn how to create photo and video content. She then went on to work at StaffMe Academy as Communication and Marketing Manager. Today, she leads our community of Makers.

Community Builder

Hugo first spent 5 years in a startup in a programmatic advertising agency where he took on various responsibilities: Head of Media Trading, Respo Data & Product, then Head of Growth. He joined in 2022 as Growth Lead to help the group diversify its growth levers.

Lead Growth

Passionate about entrepreneurship, communication projects and digital presence. Ex-Google, +7 years of international experience in e-Commerce, Media and Tech. Evangelizing France to the Nocode is her priesthood.

Account Executive

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Driven by a desire to create and reveal hidden talents, professional Nocode Makers are the digital jack-of-all-trades.

Agile, versatile, they can launch a project without a CTO, automate repetitive tasks, optimize their time and that of their clients.
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