Power Apps is Microsoft's Low-code/Nocode platform for easily developing applications and websites.

Power Apps is the platform for creating business applications and web sites, within the Microsoft Power platform. The applications created interconnect with the company's Microsoft solutions or with other technologies in use. These applications can be deployed as simply as making a document available via OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint.
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Use cases

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Power Apps allows you to create a CRM application, important contacts can be listed in the application, as well as any private notes that members of the organization might need to know about each of them.


HR & Operations

Power Apps allows you to create an app to drive your recruiting, including staying organized during interviews, with candidate information, job descriptions and interview notes at your fingertips.


Inventory Manager

It is possible to create an inventory management application with Power Apps that compiles all information into a single web-based application, accessible to everyone in the organization and serving as a single source of truth for inventory and sales information.



Power Apps allows you to create applications that integrate forms to collect information from users in the database.

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Strong points

- simplified interconnection with everyday business tools

- Offline operation

- data security

- ease of use


- Power Apps forms can only work within the licensed enterprise domain

- Power Apps is limited to 2,000 items from a connected data source

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