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Airtable: Definition, Pricing, Reviews & Examples - 2023

Google spreadsheets is dead, long live Airtable! 👑

Over $1 billion raised in 2021 for Nocode software: Airtable

Airtable ? What is Airtable?

What does this SaaS software offer? How can I best use it? What are its rates / pricing? And why does it make Excel look like a tool of the past?, the leading Nocode solutions studio, tries to answer these questions in this article 👇

(ps: the content of this page will be regularly updated to include new features added, day-to-day use of Airtable, pricing, and examples we highlight)

Database 📊 vs. spreadsheet 📖

At first glance, Airtable looks like Excel in its gridded page layout. But don't be fooled by appearances... 

In a traditional spreadsheet, you would use functions such as =SUM(A1:B2) to organise your calculations. In an Airtable database, although it is possible to use the same functions, it is the SQL queries that lead. For example, SELECT * FROM Supplier_Company, to find and compare two databases. But the two main advantages of Airtable are that you can create multiple filter views of your databases. No more headaches to create dynamic cross-referencing. The other advantage is the possibility to connect your Airtable database to another application of your choice (notably via APIs).

Airtable: the "brain" of your apps/Web apps

Airtable table screenshot | Product Catalog
Airtable table | Product Catalog

To the question "What is Airtable?", we can answer that it is halfway between Excel and an augmented spreadsheet. It's a place where you can store all your company's data. And it's also the connected library for all your digital projects.

Let's take an example. You want to develop a pastry marketplace where several artisans offer their products. 

How to update all products, their prices and manufacturing ingredients in real time on your application?

Simply connect Airtable to the baker/customer databases or create a new table, with all the important information for each product. Then connect that database to your application API and the magic happens. 🧙

Airtable pricing ? Airtable free ? 💸

Airtable Pricing Table
Airtable Pricing

The free version of Airtable is more than sufficient for most personal or professional uses. It includes an unlimited number of databases, 1,200 records per database, 2 GB of attachments per database, the various grid views, as well as calendar, kanban, form and gallery functions. It is of course possible to take out a subscription to unlock more functionality depending on your organisation's needs. The advantage of these paid subscriptions is in particular the ability to access a history of the databases and their modifications at a given moment. Up to 6 months for the "Plus" version and 1 year for the "Pro" version.

Core components of Airtable in 2022 💡

The first Airtable building block that a user can create is called "The Base". The 'base' as the name suggests is a database containing all the information about your projects. For example, a 'client file' database will likely contain the client's first and last names, phone numbers, personal notes, and sales reminder schedule. There are several ways to create this database. The first is to start from a template (this is what we recommend). These templates contain pre-filled fields according to your needs. The second way is to create a blank template, in order to customise it according to your needs. Many templates are proposed every day by Airtable and its users. There are templates for all types of projects, from a company's CRM model to a database for its e-commerce site.

To create a new "base", nothing could be easier. Just click "+new base", choose a template or a blank document, and you're done. 🎩

What is Airtable? It's also a CRM for your website 💻

Airtable is a great tool for creating a custom CRM at a low cost. This is very handy for a business or a self employed person who would need a tailor made tracking software. 📐

So with Airtable, you don't have to adapt to the software, Airtable adapts to you according to the filters, view modes and customizable features of the tool.

Airtable's free plan allows up to 1,200 records per base and includes an unlimited number of bases. It also includes rich field types such as drop-down lists, attachments and checkboxes. ✅

Connect content from Airtable to other applications and vice versa 🪄

It is possible to connect Airtable to your favorite applications and services through APIs. Integrations help you automatically move information back and forth between Airtable and your favourite software.

For example, you can automate the filling of an Airtable database with people who subscribe to your newsletter on substack. Or create a customer file for your e-commerce site, which is automatically generated with each new purchase.

It is even possible to use Airtable as the "brain" of your marketplace. Product sheets can be generated automatically from an Airtable database. All you have to do is fill in the database with all the necessary information (price, product name, photo link, description, components, etc.).

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