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Paris, June 22, 2023,, the European leader in Nocode technologies, announces that its school,, becomes the first Nocode school to award a diploma., the first school to specialize in Nocode, which has been generating over 1,000 applications a month since it opened, has taken another major step forward by becoming the first Nocode school to award a BAC +3 professional qualification (RNCP 37873- Level 6). This official recognition crowns's ongoing commitment to promoting and training Nocode developers.

Since its debut in December 2021, has positioned itself as a pioneer in Nocode education, offering the first long-term training course in the field.

Today, it is taking a further step forward by being able to award its students a diploma in Application Design and Development (equivalent to BAC +3), marking a significant step forward for the school and for the Nocode sector as a whole. 

"We are extremely proud to become the first Nocode school to be able to award a level 6 diploma - equivalent to BAC +3. This milestone marks our commitment to providing an education of excellence by training Nocode professionals. This official recognition reinforces the credibility of Nocode as a modern and powerful application development method."

Thomas BONNENFANT, Director of and co-founder of

Ophélie De Jesus, Educational Director of, adds:

"Graduation gives our students greater recognition in the job market. They will have access to rewarding professional opportunities. We look forward to seeing our graduates flourish in their careers, putting into practice the skills acquired during our rigorous training."

This official recognition demonstrates the seriousness and quality of as a training organization. It also reinforces Nocode as a state-recognized approach to application development. Companies hosting students will now be able to benefit from new funding, and the students themselves will have access to expanded opportunities to continue their studies beyond level 6 and aim for level 7 qualifications (equivalent to BAC +5). was launched at the end of 2021, and in just a year and a half of existence already boasts 18,000 applications, 7 classes and 150 students trained or in training from a wide variety of backgrounds. " is true to its mission of teaching tech to people who don't necessarily have a technical background," points out Simon Malaret, a student in the school's first class. 

"We all have different backgrounds, which is very enriching and stimulating to grow together. The Nocode tools offer a wide range of possibilities, and everyone can develop their own specialties," explains Coraline Guillevic, a student in the 4th class of the 

Francis Lelong CEO AlegriaAcademy has set itself ambitious goals, continuing its expansion by opening campuses in different regions, both in France and internationally, to make its Nocode teaching accessible to an even wider audience. " With the aim of training 1,000 students a year within the next three years, is positioning itself as a major player in technology training," explains Francis Lelong, CEO and co-founder of, the European leader in Nocode technologies, founded in December 2020 by Francis Lelong (ex-founder of, Christelle Curcio and Thomas Bonnenfant, has offices in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse, Barcelona, Mexico City, Los Angeles and London. Continuously growing, the company now employs over 70 people. has already secured 5M euros in financing to support its growth. The group has completed over 600 projects for more than 500 customers of all sizes and industries. is made up of 3 entities: 

  •, the first training school for Nocode professionals,
  • ‍, the one-stop-shop of Nocode for companies, leader in Europe: consulting, production, placement and training 
  • the service platform for professional makers.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact : 

Name: Astrid Noizat 

Position: Marketing Manager 

Email :

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