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Glide at Nocode Summit 2022

We were incredibly lucky to have David Siegel founder and CEO of Glide come all the way from San Francisco for a keynote on the main stage of the Nocode Summit 2022 on Thursday September 29th.

Glide showed 2 examples of companies that very quickly launched digital apps to solve business issues :
1. An inventory app built out of spreadsheet
2. The professional Golf Association which created various Glide apps to run and manage their events.

Glide’s focus is apps for business, in opposition to public apps which are iphone apps, public websites etc…
These are much less visible than public facing apps, but the budget spent on this huge number of business software is much more important: 755 billion dollars spent on enterprise software in 2021 compared to 33 billion dollars spent on consumer apps*.

His keynote focused on the challenge of custom software development:
Even if you have a great engineering team, it's complicated. It usually takes more than 6 months, costs about a 6-figure number, and is not always responsive to the changing needs of an organization or team.

David Siegel quoted Patrick Collison, CEO and co-founder of Stripe, to illustrate the point: "One of the strange facts of the world is how hard it is for organizations to build good software. They can reliably turn their capital into a nice headquarters, a nice fleet of cars, or a nice ad campaign. But for some reason, they can't turn their capital into good software.

In traditional software development, you have to write specifications, then hand them off to a team of expert developers who don't know the business and develop the specs, whereas with Nocode and with Glide in particular, the people closest to the problem, who are most intimately familiar with it, create the solution and build the application.

Glide's mission is to create a billion new developers by simplifying the 4 main ingredients of software development: design, time, logic and data.

David also addressed the topic of scalability, which is a very common concern for some future Nocode tool users, and confirmed that he has added "Big query support" to Glide, so that Glide can support millions of rows. He also pointed out how interesting it is that users of Nocode tools need only worry about technical limitations and never about non-technical limitations, or budget issues - as in traditional software development.  

At Alegria, we love using Glide, both for our internal needs and for our clients' projects. Contact us to discuss your Glide project!

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