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Alegria.academy: 3 Nocode specialisations to become a Maker pro

Creating the next Airbnb or Twitter? Connect all sorts of services and APIs with Make or Zapier?

⚡️Automate all the administrative tasks of a company?

Design a website like a pro? You dreamed about it? Alegria.academy did it 🎓

Alegria.academy: 15 months to become a Nocode Maker

The objective of the training is to train future digital professionals and to integrate as many people as possible into this Nocode revolution: students looking for job opportunities, job seekers or people in retraining.

TheAlegria.academy, which is100% financed by the public service, offers its students a one-year training course. It starts with three months of courses supervised by trainers who are specialists in Nocode solutions, recognised and certified in the tools they teach (e.g. Noam Say for Airtable and Camille Blanchod for Notion). After these three months, students specialise for nine months in a sandwich course with a partner company. 

The major advantage of this course is that the company for the 9-month work-study period has already been found for the admitted candidates. Indeed, the pedagogical team studies the profiles in detail and assigns them a compatible partner company for a secure professional future. 🚀

The 3 specialisations allow you to become an expert on crucial subjects to accelerate the digital transformation of organisations, to give life to your projects and to gain in productivity

The specialisations teach the mastery of recognised Nocode tools, which are very advanced in their field and, above all, are highly sought-after skills on the job market.

Three Specializations | Alegria.academy
Three Specializations | Alegria.academy

Don't be surprised to find titles that echo traditional developer profiles. Nocode skills are very complementary to code specialisations!

The Maker Fullstackspecialisation

Fullstack specialization | Alegria.academy
Fullstack specialization | Alegria.academy

As the name suggests, this specialisation allows you to master a wide range of functions. The training focuses on comprehensive tools that allow the creation of applications from A to Z: from the invisible part for the end user (backend) to the visual interface (frontend).

Bubble.io is a Nocode leader in full-stack development, and this tool is at the heart of the specialisation.

During the course, students also learn to create their own plugins or extensions according to the functionality they need in the field. 

Students are also introduced to other tools such as Microsoft PowerApps and PowerAutomate to have a complete professional Full Stack Maker Nocode toolkit.

The Maker Frontendspecialisation

Frontend specialization | Alegria.academy
Frontend specialization | Alegria.academy

This path is aimed at those who wish to focus on thefinal experience of the users of solutions and applications. Unlike full-stack builders, they do not take care of the backend.

However, they are also trained in Bubble for the interface part. The focus of the specialisation, however, is on the indispensable Webflow site builder. This Nocode tool allows the creation of sites and content interfaces. As a bonus, students are trained in Javascript to give free rein to their imagination and create animations!

To become a Frontend Expert, it is not enough to master the most advanced tools in technology. Students therefore undergo in-depth UX/UI training to understand all the issues involved in user experience. The learning of this methodology obviously includes the discovery of alternative tools to Webflow, such as Weweb to name but one.

Now, in addition to these two specialisations, a third path is offered to Nocode Maker apprentices: that of automation

The Maker Automationspecialisation

Automation Specialization | Alegria.academy
Automation Specialization | Alegria.academy

This new path, offered to the Academy's future Makers, enables them to respond to a key issue for any business: the search for productivity. At the end of this specialisation, students will be able to optimise the internal and external flows and processes of a company.

This learning process involves understanding value chains, identifying workflows, modelling and optimising them - including through task and workflow automation. They will save valuable time for many businesses and can optimise their own projects.

These skills are essential for any organisation wishing to improve its competitiveness

A true digital Swiss Army knife, the Nocode Maker profession specialising in automation can develop productivity applications using tools such as Airtable, Make (formerly Integromat), Notion and Zapier.

Nocode Maker: a flourishing future in digital

There are many professional opportunities, and Alegria is committed to supporting each aspiring Maker during the course. But also after obtaining the certificate of studies by putting start-ups and SMEs (French and foreign) in touch with the new graduates.

Do you want to become a Nocode professional?

You want to develop your network and meet companies interested in Maker profiles?

Do you want to focus on soft skills to learn how to work remotely, be a good listener, and collaborate with your peers?

Do you want your skills to be valued by recruiters during a training course supervised by Nocode professionals?

Try your luck and sign up for Alegria.academy and join one of our many promotions throughout the year.

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