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Press release - Paris, 25 March 2021

The first 100% Nocode agency in France, continues to democratise this new technology thanks to the support of several renowned investors in the French tech sector. With this first round of funding, the agency has a dual objective: to support the acceleration of Nocode's growth and to recruit a strong team to enable French companies to transform their ideas into projects more easily., a 100% Nocode French agency for start-ups, SMEs and large accounts, was founded in December 2020 based on the observation that companies all have great ideas to realize but face many difficulties in implementing them. Thanks to Nocode technology, the three founders of - Francis Lelong, CEO, Christelle Curcio, Chief Makers Officer, and Thomas Bonnenfant, COO - enable them to accelerate their digital transformation by erasing all the obstacles and technical apprehensions in the realization of their projects.

With this first round of financing, the short-term objective is to recruit an expert and motivated team that will make the software accessible to all. But the agency does not intend to stop there; wishes to respond to the need for a positive and refreshing vision of Tech by spreading its method based on the reassuring and intuitive atmosphere of Nocode in project management to large accounts and SMEs in Europe. 

The fundraising was structured by Gramond & Associés and led by influential investors in the French digital sector, including Denis Thebaud (Qobuz), Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet (Price Minister), Thomas Rebaud (Meero) and Rand Hindi (Snips, Zama) .

Since its inception, the agency has been continuously expanding its workforce to meet the enthusiasm of the market and the acceleration of Nocode projects. recently launched a large recruitment campaign to strengthen its ranks, which currently consist of 25 employees. A total of 35 new nuggets are actively sought: Nocode Project Leaders, Nocode Makers, Community Builder, Web & Brand Designer, UX/UI Designers, sales people and Customer Success Manager.

"We have a real desire to support the great ambitions of companies by democratising Nocode on a European level. The enthusiastic feedback from our customers and the strong market interest in recent months confirm this idea," explains Francis Lelong, co-founder and CEO of .
"We are entering a new era of technical progress, and this fundraising demonstrates the growing interest of investors in this technology, which is shaking up code. We are proud to be able to count on their support in this great adventure. Choosing Nocode today means choosing to free the creativity of your teams and to start creating again more quickly and at lower cost than with traditional development.

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The creation of the first European Nocode Factory's Nocode solutions are designed to support companies in their transformation.

By developing its own methodology - a clever equation between Design thinking, Agility and Nocode tools - the agency aims to create an efficient, replicable and scalable standard in order to offer a unique model to companies and give them the possibility to develop 100% customized digital solutions, faster, simpler while limiting costs.

To make these digital solutions accessible to all, has surrounded itself with a multidisciplinary and passionate team, as well as privileged partners(Master Partners) such as Unqork, a Nocode platform for major accounts that enables the creation of complex applications, Minsar, which enables the easy creation of augmented or virtual reality experiences, Integromat, an automation platform for creating workflows and connections between applications via APIs, and Webflow, a tool for creating code-free websites with database management and e-commerce. also relies on a selection of diversified and cutting-edge tools available in the Nocode ecosystem, such as Airtable, Webflow, Bubble and Zapier.

Nocode, an approach destined to become the norm 

The Nocode approach allows software, websites and applications to be created intuitively via graphical interfaces. By eliminating the need to code, this approach allows companies to be more agile, to divide the time needed to create an application by three and to reduce the associated costs by at least two. 

According to Gartner, by 2024, 500 million applications will be created. But with only 0.3% of the world's population knowing how to code, this need will not be met by traditional programming methods. In fact, it is estimated that 65% of these applications will be developed using Nocode tools. Creation of management software (ERP, CRM, etc.), marketplaces(marketplace), mobile applications, websites, customer portals, or analytical tools; the applications of Nocode are vast and promising.

About, the agency that decodes the nocode is the first Nocode agency in France for startups, SMEs and large accounts. It was launched in December 2020 by three founders: Francis Lelong, CEO, Christelle Curcio, Chief Makers Officer, Thomas Bonnenfant, COO.'s mission is to liberate everyone's creativity and to remove all technical obstacles and apprehensions in the realisation of ideas. We are Solution Makers. With a community of 50 Makers (Nocode specialists) and a multidisciplinary team, the agency functions as a real Nocode factory. By democratising Nocode, aims to enable professionals to carry out their projects more simply, more quickly and more cheaply, and to find their way through the jungle of Nocode tools.

Download the press release (.pdf)

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