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Nocode 2022 Baroscope: 2.7 billion raised worldwide

Another big year for Nocode in 2022 with $2.7B raised by 103 companies. While the total amount is lower than in 2021, the number of Nocode companies that raised funds increased by 10%. 

2021 had indeed been marked by record-breaking raises by some big players like Calendly, Figma, Airtable for $1 billion, and Bubble.

Nocode 2022 Baroscope

Some figures: 

  1. Webflow: Valued at $4 billion following its $120 million fundraising in March, Webflow announces annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $100 million.
  2. Nocode Summit: 1200 participants gathered in Paris in September for the first large-scale international event dedicated to Nocode;
  3. Typeform: after raising $135M in Q1 2022, Typeform announces $70M in ARR and says it has tripled its annual recurring revenue since 2018.

The biggest raises in 2022 

Nocode baroscope 2022: fundraising by quarter

T1 2022

More than a billion dollars raised in the first quarter, where the biggest deals of the year in terms of amounts are concentrated - with Genesis for $200M, Typeform for $135M, Webflow for $120M.

  • Genesis, the Nocode and low-code application development platform dedicated to the financial markets, was the largest round of the year with $200M.
  • Typeform, the "conversational data collection platform" as the customizable form, survey and questionnaire creation software calls itself raised $135M in Q1 2022.
  • Webflow, the Nocode visual development platform for the professional website and CMS market, closed a $120M Series C in Q1 2022.

T2 2022

  • Coherent - which turns an enterprise's data into applications - raised $75M in April.
  • Storyblok, the Austrian content management system for non-technical users - such as marketers - with $47M raised.

T3 2022

  • Inworld IA has raised $50M for its AI-powered virtual character development studio Nocode.
  • 45M raised by Savana, a financial software provider for banks and fintechs.

T4 2022

  • Homa raises $100 million to simplify game development.
  • Tines, a Nocode automation platform for security teams, raised $55 million in October

The United States takes the lead in 2022 with over 50% of Nocode investments

Nocode baroscope 2022: fundraising by country

While 55% of the amounts invested were for US companies, again putting the US far ahead in terms of Nocode fundraising in 2022, the year also saw a large volume of fundraising - for 18 other countries. Europe accounts for 32% of the amounts raised in 2022, and India and Israel remain high on the list.

Seed series and series A are on the rise

Quite logically, the C-series account for most of the volume of fundraising. But it is worth noting the particularly large number of operations in seed and pre-seed - with almost 50 different operations.

The A series were also very numerous with 29 deals.

There will be fewer big raises in 2022, but a real momentum around funding less mature projects, which promises the evolution towards many new Nocode tools.

Nocode baroscope 2022: fundraising by series type

Automation tools and Builders still in the lead, Gaming stands out

Tools to create in visual programming or builders as well as automation tools are still what attracts the most capital in 2022 in the world of Nocode.

However, there has been an increase in Nocode solutions for the video game industry, with 7 funds raised during the year, including Homa and Yahaha, which focus on the design of games in Nocode, and Inworld, which focuses on the development of characters in Nocode. AI is of course also present among the companies that attracted the most funds.

Baroscope realized in partnership with Eldorado, a startup financing platform.

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