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Nocode Ops: a future profession focused on automation

Nocode Ops is more than just a technology trade, it's a revolution in enterprise operations! Imagine being able to develop automated processes, manage workflows and boost the operational efficiency of all teams, all in Nocode.

According to Zapier, a leading automation platform, 90% of Nocode users say their business has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to these tools!

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the role and missions of Nocode Ops, the tools they use, the training to become a Nocode Ops, as well as the professional opportunities in this field.

What is a Nocode Ops : The missions

The Nocode Ops mission is to work for the teams in a company by providing them with the necessary tools to enable them to work as efficiently as possible.

To do this, it will mainly automate processes and optimize repetitive operations. It connects different tools together to create an internal ecosystem of tools.

General missions

The missions of a Nocode Ops are very broad because it can work both for the marketing team, sales, finance, HR or other departments.

Automation on Make
Automation on Make

But if we try to take a step back and generalize, here are its main missions:

  • Identification of needs and issues
  • Process documentation
  • Reflection and structuring of processes
  • Reflection and structuring of the database
  • Data management and exploitation
  • Implementation of automation processes
  • Implementation of dashboard and reporting
  • Connection with third party services 

Examples of missions

The Nocode Ops within the Sales team, or Sales Ops, can do many things to make the work of salespeople and the connection with other departments faster and smoother, such as: 

Connect Slack with the CRM to notify salespeople when a new lead arrives or set up a notification on the company's Slack when a deal is won by the salespeople.

Automated Slack message from Pipedrive CRM
Automated Slack message from Pipedrive CRM

It also participates in the integration of the prospect into the CRM pipeline: 

  1. It creates a form on the website to collect basic information, such as their name, email address and company. This information will be sent to the CRM through a platform like Make.
  2. The salesperson then receives a notification on Slack to call the incoming lead.

Within the HR team, he can set up an automated onboarding with the signing of contracts and the sending of access to the various platforms. He can also improve internal communication by automating the sending of newsletters or emails to all employees.

For example, it will set up the end of trial period reminder through this process: 

  1. It sets the workflow on Make to automatically trigger 7 days before the end of an employee's probationary period.
  2. Drafting of the reminder message including all relevant information, such as the end date of the trial period, the actions to be taken, and the contact persons.
  3. Once the automated workflow is configured and the reminder message is written, it automatically sends the message via email and Slack to the person's manager.

And within the marketing team, it schedules posts in advance, monitors comments and posts, and generates reports on post engagement and performance. It automates the collection and analysis of data from your marketing campaigns

He also participates in the enrichment of leads using this process: 

  1. Collect leads by using lead capture forms on the website, landing pages or other sources to collect basic lead information, such as name, email address and company.
  1. Integrate lead enrichment tools such as Dropcontact or Datagma into your lead management system. These tools use external databases to retrieve additional information about leads, such as their position, company, location, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  1. Set up an automated workflow using a platform such as Zapier or Make or n8n.
  1. Configures the triggering of automation when a new lead is added to your lead management system.

So every time a new lead is added to your system, the triggered automation sends the basic lead information to the configured enrichment tools.

Enrichment tools automatically retrieve additional lead information from available databases.

Enriched information, such as job title, company, LinkedIn profile, etc., is automatically retrieved and integrated into the lead's profile in your lead management system.

Nocode tools to master

There are several popular Nocode tools, each offering unique features for operations management. Here's an overview of the major Nocode platforms:


Make is a popular Nocode automation tool that allows you to connect different applications and services together. Make stands out for its ability to perform more advanced operations, but can be more complex for beginners.

Automation on Make
Automation on Make


Zapier is an alternative to Make with similar functionality. It offers a large collection of automated workflows called "Zaps", which automate common tasks between applications. Zapier is easy to use.

Zap on Zapier
Zap on Zapier


n8n is a workflow automation platform that offers an intuitive solution without the need for coding. This open source tool can be used as self-hosted open source software or used as SaaS (Software as a Service). With n8n, you can model business processes and integrate over 200 external applications. It is an alternative to Make and Zapier - which is closer to low-code than to nocode.

Workflow on n8n
Workflow on n8n


Workato is an automation platform that offers the ability to create and automate processes within a single visual interface like Make and Zapier or n8n. This solution makes it easy to automate workflows across teams and industries without requiring coding skills. Workato is both simple and powerful, providing a professional level automation solution.

The company is positioned more on large organizations unlike its competitors.

Automation on Workato
Automation on Workato


Notion is a versatile Nocode tool that can be used for project management. It offers charting, task tracking, document management and real-time collaboration features. Notion is appreciated for its flexibility and its ability to adapt to different workflows.

Project on Notion
Project on Notion


Airtable is a Nocode platform that combines the functionality of a database and a table. You can create custom tables to organize tasks, add filters, formulas and specific views, and collaborate with your team in real time.

These Nocode project management tools offer advanced features for planning, collaboration, resource management and task tracking. They allow you to keep a clear view of project progress and foster collaboration between team members.

Database on Airtable
Database on Airtable


SmartSuite is a project management and collaborative work platform that competes with Airtable. It offers a variety of features to help teams and organizations plan, track and manage their workflows, whether for projects, ongoing processes or daily tasks. The platform helps coordinate people and work at all levels of an organization to ensure that team members have the information and tools they need to complete their activities.

Project management on SmartSuite
Project management on SmartSuite


How to become a Nocode Operator?

It is difficult to find training in this field today. This is why we have developed our Nocode training course at Alegria.academy.

The program is spread over 15 months and is divided into two parts: a 3-month bootcamp to learn the basics of Nocode, and then a 12-month alternation to specialize in the profession.

Today we have two specializations:

  1. Nocode Automation. This is the one we recommend to become Nocode Ops.
  2. Nocode Fullstack. This course is more suitable for people who want to build complex applications or websites.

Our training is 100% financed and is even paid by the company during your work-study period. 

You will quickly acquire the skills needed to enter the job market while gaining practical experience.

Salary and Career Development

Nocode Ops offers several interesting opportunities. In recent years, new professional fields have emerged in the French technology sector, such as Sales Operations (Sales Ops), Marketing Ops, Growth Ops, CSM Ops, Finance Ops, Revenue Ops, or even Legal Ops...

The scope of opportunities of a Nocode Ops
The scope of opportunities of a Nocode Ops

At the beginning of their career, the Junior Nocode Ops can expect a salary of around 40,000€ gross per year.

After 5 years of experience, the Nocode Ops Senior can expect a salary of 60 000€ to 80 000€ gross per year.

Of course, it must be taken into consideration that the salary depends strongly on the specialization. 

Here are the specifics of each Ops:

Sales Operations (Sales Ops)

Sales Operations is responsible for optimizing and making the sales processes of a company more efficient. They manage the tools, systems and data used by sales teams, and collaborate with other departments to ensure smooth coordination between sales, marketing and operations.

Marketing Ops

Marketing Ops focuses on optimizing the processes and technologies used by the marketing department. They manage marketing tools, lead management systems, marketing automation and performance metrics. Their goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing.

CSM Ops (Customer Success Operations)

The CSM Ops (Customer Success Operations) is responsible for supporting the Customer Success Management teams. They implement processes, tools and metrics to improve customer retention, customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience. They work closely with the customer service and sales teams.

Finance Ops 

Finance Ops are responsible for managing the financial processes of a company. This includes managing financial systems, accounting, budgeting, financial planning and analysis. They ensure that the company's financial operations comply with financial regulations and standards.

Legal Ops 

Legal Ops (Legal Operations) focuses on the optimization and efficiency of a company's legal processes and operations. They manage the tools and technologies used by the legal department, oversee contract management, regulatory compliance and legal issues related to business operations.

Revenue Ops 

Revenue Ops (Revenue Operations) aims to align sales, marketing, and customer service operations to optimize the company's revenue. They work to optimize processes, data and tools to improve the effectiveness of revenue generation, customer acquisition and customer retention.


In sum, Nocode Ops represents a promising new approach to operations automation and workflow management, offering exciting career opportunities for those interested in working in this growing field. Nocode Ops also offers exciting career opportunities.

What is Nocode Ops?

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Nocode Ops is a technology profession that is revolutionizing business operations. With Nocode, he is able to develop automated processes, manage workflows and improve the operational efficiency of different teams in a company.

What are the missions of Nocode Ops?

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The missions of the Nocode Ops are diverse and depend on the department in which they work. However, in general, the main tasks are to identify needs and issues, document processes, think through and structure processes and the database, manage and exploit data, implement automation processes, create dashboards and reports, and connect to third-party services.

What are the Nocode tools to master for Nocode Ops?

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The main Nocode tools to master as Nocode Ops are: Make, Zapier, n8n, Workato, Notion, Airtable and SmartSuite. Each of these tools offers unique features for operations management and workflow automation.

How to become a Nocode Operator?

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To become a Nocode Ops, it is recommended to follow a specialized training at Alegria.academy. The training lasts 15 months and includes a 3-month bootcamp for the basics of Nocode, followed by a 12-month work-study program to specialize. The training is fully financed and paid by the company during the work-study period.

What are the salary and career development opportunities in Nocode Ops?

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The Nocode Ops field offers several interesting opportunities. Salaries for a junior profile are around 40 000€ gross per year and 60 000€ to 80 000€ gross per year for a senior profile. Different professional areas have emerged in recent years, such as Sales Operations, Marketing Ops, CSM Ops, Finance Ops, Legal Ops and Revenue Ops. Each of these areas offers specific responsibilities.

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