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Zapier vs. Make (Integromat): which Nocode tool automates better?

Make (formerly Integromat) and Zapier are among the most popular tools on the market. Their ease of use, the multitude of compatible applications, the speed of execution and the infinite possibility of use cases explain the craze around these two automation software.

And since the purpose of these two tools that " work for you " is to save you time, we have also decided to make it easier for you to do so by comparing them.

Zapier or Make (Integromat), which one to choose? 

In this article we will discuss the details that differentiate them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Although it is important to note that both services are excellent

Let the game begin. 🥊

The main differences between Zapier and Make (Integromat) ⚡️

⚙️ The number of applications: The first thing to do before choosing one or the other is to check that the applications you want to automate are available. Knowing that Zapier has a much larger app catalog than Make (the ratio is about 3 to 1).

💸 Price : Make (Integromat) is cheaper than Zapier, that's a fact, but it's important to note that Zapier is much more versatile because there are more possibilities for connections between applications.

📊 The user interface: Make (Integromat) uses a visual interface, with a graphical workflow. Applications are represented by a "subway map"-like map in the form of a bubble. The user links each bubble together and adds logical functions to trigger actions. An interface very similar to grafcet, familiar from high school science courses. A model for representing and analyzing automation, particularly well suited to sequentially evolving systems.

Make automation with Trello

Zapier, on the other hand, is a list-based system for automation. Both visualization systems are interesting, and users can easily switch from one to the other without losing their bearings.

trigger google calendar on Zapier

Zapier automation with Gmail

⭐️ Tips: In order to test the tool, Zapier allows "5 free zaps" without having to subscribe.

Zapier and Make (Integromat): two robots that save you time ⌚️

Zapier and Make are part of the Nocode tools that work for you. This saves precious minutes every day on the most tedious administrative tasks or organization creation processes.

This can help streamline your schedule by removing everything that used to be done by hand and now can be done by one of these two little web robots. 🤖

No prerequisites and free nocode templates 😇

You don't know anything about Nocode? You've never used a SaaS tool? Don't panic, Make and Zapier don't require any prerequisites or special knowledge for a basic use. Just a little logic. 😇

To start getting familiar with these Nocode tools, we recommend you take a look at the free templates. 👀

There are automations for everything.

Workflow examples built on Make and Zapier

Workflow with Make

For example, you could create a workflow to manage data from a form filled in on Webflow to send a personalized message to your teams on Slack, create a line with the contact's information in Airtable CRM and trigger nurturing emails with Brevo (formerly known as Sendinblue) . To achieve this, you'll need to use the Make automation tool (Integromat) with Webflow, router and modules from Slack, Airtable and Brevo.

Webflow automation with Make
Webflow automation with Make

Workflow with Zapier

With this workflow, the aim is to send each other an e-mail when a form is filled in on the Webflow site, and only if it is not detected as spam.

Webflow automation with Zapier
Webflow automation with Zapier

Here are a few more examples:

- To connect Gmail and Trello by notifying users in the same team when a task has been completed. ✅

- Between Slack and a company's bank account, to send a message on a channel when an expense of a certain amount is made. 💳

- A cross between Airtable and Uber, for sorting company expense reports by employee and day. 🧾

- Or even between Slack and Giphy to send comforting messages to work colleagues to cheer them up. 🌈

Zapier vs Make (Integromat): Do you zap or are you a screenwriter? 🎬

Whether it is Make or Zapier, actions and automation triggers are classified in a workflow. Even if Zapier is more limited in the actions coming from its catalog, we consider that it is more user-friendly. Many feedbacks from Nocode France confirm that Zapier is easier to grasp at first use. 💡

For example, Make's workflow is called a " Scenario " while Zapier calls it a " Zap ".

Conclusion: what is the best Nocode automation tool? 🤔

Make's approach is therefore more playful and corresponds better to the canon of SaaS Nocode applications through its use of Drag&Drop (drag and drop bubbles).

Numerous filters are available at the bottom of the page to enhance the view of your template to your liking, or to add additional functionality at each stage.

On the other hand, Zapier is a key player in automation thanks to its library of compatible applications that are unmatched to date. And its drop-down menu interface is not prohibitive, even more intuitive than Make's. Triggers and actions are easy to set up.

And Zapier automates itself. The tool itself can help you fill in the blanks and add rules automatically to make your work easier. A form of automation within automation.

What are the main differences between Zapier and Make (Integromat) in terms of available applications?

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The main difference lies in the number of applications available. Zapier offers a much larger catalog than Make (Integromat), with a ratio of around 3:1, so it's important to check that the applications you want to automate are available on the tool you choose.

What are the price advantages of Make over Zapier?

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Make (Integromat) is less expensive than Zapier, but it's worth noting that Zapier offers greater versatility in terms of connections between applications.

Why choose Make (Integromat) over Zapier?

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Its visual interface, based on a graphical workflow, offers a more intuitive representation of automations. This makes it easy to create scenarios and add logical functions to trigger actions. Make is particularly suited to users familiar with grafcets or sequential evolution systems.

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