Flutterflow native application

Flutterflow is a no-code native application development platform that lets you rapidly create powerful, intuitive mobile applications.

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Real-time preview of the application on different devices


Easy integration of the geolocation function into Flutterflow applications.

Push notification

Real-time push notifications to users


Capture images directly from the application with the integrated camera function.

Easy integration

Easily connect Flutterflow applications to third-party services for a richer experience.

Export source code

You can also export source code to further customize your Flutterflow application.


  • Visual interface for advanced user interface design- Support for native features such as geolocation, push notifications, camera, etc.
  • Easy integration with cloud services and external APIs
  • Export application source code for advanced customization


  • Larger initial learning curve than other Nocode solutions

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Flutterflow alternatives for creating a native application


Appgyver is a native mobile application development platform that enables in-depth customization and offers a wide variety of ready-to-use components. It offers advanced functionalities, such as logic scripting, and enables integration with third-party services. Learning the platform can be more complex for beginners. Some aspects of mobile application development may require more advanced coding skills. Documentation may be less extensive than with Flutterflow.


Adalo offers a user-friendly visual interface for creating native mobile applications without the need for coding skills. It allows in-depth customization of the user interface and offers a range of features for rapid mobile application development. Customization flexibility may be slightly less than with Flutterflow. Some advanced features may require additional development skills. Third-party integration options may be limited.


Bubble lets you create web and mobile applications without writing code. It offers a wide range of functionalities and in-depth customization. Bubble also offers the possibility of integrating third-party services and creating cross-platform applications. The creation of native mobile applications is not foreseen on Bubble and requires encapsulation by a third-party service. Some aspects of the user interface and user experience may be less optimized for native mobile applications.

Custom (code)

The development of a fully customized native mobile application offers complete flexibility and control over all aspects of the application. This enables deep customization, optimized performance and integration with any third-party service. Custom development requires advanced programming skills. This can be more time-consuming and costly than using a code-free platform. Application updates and maintenance can be more complex.

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