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Data flow

Information management and organization


Protection of your data


Monitor and analyze performance

API Integrations

Connected to your existing tools

Data base

Structured and organized


Thanks to webhooks

Zoom automation in Nocode

Customer Relationship Management

Automation is an ideal tool for optimizing customer relationship management. Automation can send follow-up emails, payment reminders and billing notifications. Customer interactions on social media can also be monitored and analyzed using automation tools.

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Reduce recurring tasks

Automation can be used to manage recurring tasks in a business. For example, billing and payroll processes can be automated to reduce errors and save time and effort. Automating repetitive tasks can also help improve data accuracy and reduce labor costs

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Marketing & Growth

Lead management, lead scoring, reporting and attribution, there are many automation use cases to boost marketing teams.

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HR & Automation

Automation can streamline human resource management processes such as personnel management, leave planning and performance review management. Automation tools can also be used to track labor expenses and work hours, enabling more accurate management of labor costs

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