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An autonomous and agile marketing team thanks to Nocode

Today, it is unthinkable to dissociate Nocode from Marketing and Growth. Build your lead machine, create sites and landing pages, Nocode is the marketing team's best friend!
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Use cases for marketing

Landing pages

Testing: this is the basis of a good Growth Marketer.

Empower your team with Nocode tools like Webflow.

Your developers will also thank you.

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Lead management

Enrichment, nurturing, syncrhonization with business tools...

Notify the sales team to act quickly.

In short: Boost your sales performance.

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Lead scoring

Too often forgotten, lead scoring can quickly boost your ROI.

Knowing how far to automate - before positioning human time

The basis for a healthy handover between the marketing team and the sales team, the basis for prioritizing the hottest leads.

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360 reporting and attribution

Are you lost in your data?

You are not alone.

Nocode allows you to retrieve and consolidate your data without the need for data engineers.

No more right-to-left gearing.

Make informed decisions.

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tools used


Workato allows you to build and automate workflows throughout your organization

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Web Builder


Webflow allows you to create sites with great creative freedom without coding

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n8n is an open source Nocode solution that allows you to create intuitive workflows and automate workflows with or without code.

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Make allows you to build and automate within the same visual platform

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