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ChatGPT represents only 5% of the potential
of AI, so don't wait to
access the other 95%.
French companies predict that over the next 5 years,
digital skills will become
more important than
academic qualifications when recruiting
new employees.
An OpenAI study reveals that more than
80% of jobs in the
developed economies will be profoundly
transformed by artificial intelligence.

Objectives of the IA accelerator offer

Give you the keys to understanding and deploying AI in your company

Master the fundamentals
of AI, automation and
of NoCode
Data and Product
Understanding and practicing the
Data and Product culture
Prioritize the most efficient

applications for your business
Analyze a use case and
choose the right tools
Design your first
automation based on
generative AI

The program

2 days of training with top experts: theory and practice

Day 1: training
Master the fundamental concepts of AI and NoCode
Learn how to frame a project,
How to tame data.
Understand APIs and their hidden secrets
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Day 2: Taking action
Define your own prioritization matrix and learn how to
choose your tools according to your objectives
Implementation of a use case by team
Presentation of the results obtained.
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Our customers speak
about us

I signed up without visualizing what automation/IA would bring me
to support, but I've profoundly revised my point of view.
Enriching and encouraging! Thank you
Thierry Monchy
Training you need to avoid being out of the game. Suitable for non-tech profiles
Excellent training, combining theory and practice!
It teaches new skills
that can easily be reused later!
Jeanne Vernoux
KPL Paris
Great training on concepts
totally new to me.
Accessible to all, precise and motivating.
You really realize the added value of learning this field.
Highly recommend.
Alexis Burgi
Largillière Finance
The Nocode solution delivered by is more stable, more secure and less expensive than a platform built in code.
We have more than achieved our
objectives, with 4000+ users and 600+
purchases in less than 3 months.
Maxime Baffert
"The Alegria teams have a perfect command of the nocode tools and their complementarities. Their advice is always sound. The process is fluid and the speed of execution is one of nocode's great assets!"
Philippe Guillouzic
"Impressive! Alegria supported me on 2 projects with a no-code approach. Professional, they understood my needs and offered aesthetic and functional solutions. No code is the future! And thanks above all to the whole team, who were really available, even late at night! I highly recommend them!"
Bastien Riera
"After evaluating the leading French agencies we felt we had to choose Alegria. The challenge was to build a product on a database as a service provider for the 3rd largest bike sharing service in the world. From the start of the project, they have been creative and have never let us down!"
Yacine Ghafour

Who is IA accelerator for?


To understand and deploy a real
AI strategy
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At the heart of business transformation at
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To support the transformation
of their BUs
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To quickly discover another
way to develop
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For greater productivity
simply on a daily basis
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Here are a few examples of use cases implemented by our customers


Automate your email management

app creation

Create a mobile app in less than 10 minutes


Create a tool to manage your sales team

Supplier management

Create a supplier invoice manager


Collect and enrich a list of leads automatically


Create forms to collect data and automate data management


Newsletter production with AI


Create a directory with
dynamic mapping