Shopify e-commerce website

Shopify is a very complete solution to create an e-commerce platform. Easy to access and intuitive, the platform can be configured to create, develop and optimize your online store.

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Shopify makes it easy to design a custom e-commerce site with pre-built themes and a drag-and-drop interface.

Product management

It's easy to add, edit and organize your products in Shopify, with categorization and filtering options.

Order tracking

Shopify simplifies order management with a clear overview of all orders

Payment integration

Shopify supports a wide range of payment systems, including credit cards, Paypal and ApplePay.


Shopify has built-in tools for optimizing your e-commerce site on search engines, allowing you to modify meta tags, URLs and add keywords.

Performance monitoring

Shopify provides information on sales, traffic, conversion sources and other key indicators for your e-commerce site.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • No hosting to manage
  • Site and payment security
  • Time-saving - Optimized for search engine optimization
  • Wide variety of plugins and other features


  • A monthly subscription is required to use Shopify, and the trial period is only three days.
  • The number of accounts used varies from 2 to 15 maximum, which may not be suitable for larger e-commerce structures.

Alternatives to Shopify for your e-commerce site


WordPress is a popular CMS platform that offers great flexibility for creating customized e-commerce sites. It has an extensive library of plugins and themes, making it easy to add e-commerce functionality. It also offers a large community of support and assistance. Setting up and managing a WordPress e-commerce site can be more complex and require technical skills. You'll also need to manage your own hosting and security updates.


Wix offers a variety of design templates, an intuitive visual editor and easy integration of e-commerce functionality. Wix also offers full hosting and technical support. Advanced customization options may be limited compared to other platforms. Some e-commerce functionalities may require the installation of add-on modules, which may entail additional costs.


Squarespace offers modern, elegant website templates well suited to e-commerce sites. Its user-friendly interface allows in-depth visual customization. It also offers secure hosting, easy payment integration and excellent customer support. Customization flexibility may be slightly less than with other platforms, and some advanced features may require development skills.


Webflow offers a powerful visual editor and great flexibility for creating customized e-commerce sites with advanced functionalities. It allows in-depth customization of design and workflow. It also offers integrated hosting and responsive customer support. The learning curve may be steeper for beginners, as Webflow is a more advanced platform. Some features may require development skills.

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