Nocode and AI tools by use case


E-commerce Airtable

Airtable can be used as a backoffice for an e-commerce site, managing orders, products and customers within a workspace.

Webflow e-commerce site

Webflow lets you create your online store with a personalized visual experience. Thanks to its unlimited possibilities, any kind of website design, animated or not, is possible with Webflow!

Business application Appsheet

Appsheet is Google's intuitive and accessible Nocode solution for creating business applications.

CRM Airtable

It's easy to create a customized CRM with Airtable, by creating a customer database, linking it to other product databases and using the built-in automations.

Airtable Project Management

Manage your projects with Airtable thanks to its flexible and collaborative databases

Marketing Make

Make enables you to automate repetitive, manual marketing tasks, such as sending e-mails, managing leads or tracking campaigns.

Project management Notion

Notion is Nocode's useless, collaborative solution for project management

CRM Smartsuite

Smartsuite centralizes data to track and manage sales opportunities.

Smartsuite project management

Smartsuite lets you plan, manage and monitor projects of all sizes

Bubble business application

Discover the potential of Bubble, one of Nocode's most customizable solutions, for the creation of professional business applications.

Marketing Airtable

Managing your marketing activities with Airtable is very simple: content management, editorial planning, brand assets, everything is centralized.

Flutterflow native application

Flutterflow is a no-code native application development platform that lets you rapidly create powerful, intuitive mobile applications.

Shopify e-commerce website

Shopify is a very complete solution to create an e-commerce platform. Easy to access and intuitive, the platform can be configured to create, develop and optimize your online store.

Glide business application

Glide is a fun and accessible Nocode solution for developing business applications from google sheets, Excel or Airtable.

Flutterflow business application

Flutteflow is a high-performance, highly customizable Nocode solution for creating business applications.

Marketplace Bubble

Few Nocode tools offer marketplaces solutions and especially CtoC, Bubble having almost no limits these projects can be conducted with Bubble

Billing Make

Make is a Nocode automation solution that facilitates invoicing and finance team processes.

Webflow showcase site

Thanks to its unlimited possibilities, all kinds of website designs, animated or not, are possible on Webflow!

Knowledge Management Notion

Notion is an innovative and intuitive Nocode solution for collaborative knowledge management in the enterprise.

Shopify Marketplace

Transform your Shopify e-commerce site into a marketplace for a 100% integrated solution

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