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Boost your HR management with Nocode

HR processes are vital for all companies. So why not automate them?
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Use cases for HR

Onboarding & Offboarding

Save time and improve the employee experience by automating your tasks. Create or remove user access to your applications in one click, schedule the sending of documents to be signed, update the staff register.

Hiring & Applicant Tracking System (HATS)

Create your own application management tool that meets your exact needs. No more and no less.
- Broadcast of offers on job boards
- Management of the application pipeline
- Integration with tools (e.g. HRIS, calendars)

Co-optation Program

Encourage your employees to recommend members of their network by streamlining processes.
Stay on top of the data and improve the overall experience.

Career site

Develop a career site quickly thanks to Nocode, promote your employer brand, give visibility to your offers.