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Contact management

Information management and organization


Monitor and analyze performance


Management of email sending


Protection of your data


Quick access to information

Data base

Structured and organized

Mobile app

Accessible on all screens


All your data

Search bar

Quick access to information

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Customized ERP

Making your ERP in Nocode can offer many advantages for companies. Building your ERP in Nocode allows you to meet specific needs without having to hire expensive developers. The greater customization of the user interface can improve the user experience and employee adoption of the ERP. In addition, Nocode ERPs are generally easier to maintain and upgrade, which can reduce costs in the long run.

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Agile CRM

Unlike traditional CRM solutions, which can be costly and difficult to customize for a company's specific needs, Nocode tools enable rapid CRM development by customizing data fields to meet specific needs and creating automated workflows to improve operational efficiency. And of course, Nocode tools are generally less expensive than traditional CRM solutions.

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