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Be at the forefront of the Nocode revolution with our innovation team

Nocode tools are constantly evolving. Our experts, in permanent contact with the editors, ensure a technological watch of the ecosystem.
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Innovation team

The missions of the innovation team

Privileged relationship with publishers

The innovation team is the point of contact for Nocode editors at

Technology watch

The innovation team follows the roadmaps of major Nocode tools

Research & Development

Innovation team develops new Nocode programming methods

The innovation team at your service

Nocode start: experience Nocode

Format: 2-day workshop

Methodology: demos and guided exercises

Objectives: Enable non-technical teams to create their first applications

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Nocode sprint: The Nocode sprint design

Format: 1 week of workshops (part-time)

Methodology: Design sprint (Google style)

Objectives: Get a disposable POC (not an MVP, not a V0!) that you can use to test an idea.

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Nocode stack: choosing a tool orientation for your company

Format: 2 half-day workshops, one week apart.

Methodology: Draw up a decision tree and/or technical checklist to specify options

Objectives: choose/confirm the stack for a team/company

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AI Start: discover the power of generative AIs

Format: Conference (1h30)

Objective: introduce your teams to new ways of working with generative AI

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AI integration: connecting AI in your environment

Format: intervention as required

Objective: make your workspaces more productive with AI

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