We design digital tools that have an impact on our customers' business

Our services


Validate and prioritize your needs, (re)define plugins and additional integrations, and specify the detailed implementation of the roadmap..,


Analyze your designs, suggest improvements and optimizations if necessary, define automations and integrations


Structure the data model and backend, integrate mockups and graphics, develop your solution and connect it to third-party tools, and carry out the necessary tests.


Finalize production acceptance, train users and support change management.


Visual identity

We'll help you create a unique universe that will lead your future brand to success.

User Experience & Interface

Test your digital product and benefit from expert UX/UI recommendations to ensure that the user experience matches market standards.

What we cando for you


Automation saves companies time and resources by eliminating manual tasks and reducing errors. It also improves accuracy and understanding of data, resulting in better decision making and increased productivity.

Business apps

We build customized business applications using Nocode technologies. Our approach enables us to create solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our customers.


We develop marketplaces for our customers using Nocode tools, similar to platforms like Malt or Airbnb, enabling faster and easier development, saving time and money.


Alegria.solutions leverages Nocode's innovative capabilities to provide companies with user-friendly, efficient website development solutions that enable them to establish a strong online presence.


We empower businesses to grow online with our innovative Nocode e-commerce development solutions, using Shopify and other platforms to build unique solutions for each customer.


Our Nocode approach allows us to be highly flexible and responsive to our customers' changing needs. We can easily make adjustments and system upgrades as your business evolves, ensuring that your ERP and CRM solutions remain perfectly aligned with your goals and objectives.

AI and Nocode

at the service of your projects

Official partner

the best solutions

We're tool agnostic, partnering with the best to identify the ideal Nocode stack for each project.

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