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Few Nocode tools offer marketplaces solutions and especially CtoC, Bubble having almost no limits these projects can be conducted with Bubble

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Page creation

Bubble lets you design customized pages for your marketplace and organize them into a logical navigation flow.

Robust database

Bubble features an integrated database, ideal for storing your marketplace information. You can structure and link information from different databases (customers, products, orders, suppliers, etc.).

Order management

Bubble lets you create workflows to manage orders placed on your marketplace. You can automate processes (sending invoices, notifications, inventory management, etc.).

Payment integrations

Bubble makes it easy to integrate payment gateways for marketplaces. You can set up payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, via Stripe and Paypal.

Advanced search

Custom filters, keyword searches and rankings can be created to help users quickly find the products or services they're looking for.

User management

Bubble lets you customize user profiles (name, first name, photo, preferences, etc.).


  • Great flexibility in design - Possibility of creating complex applications with a high level of customization
  • API connector to integrate with external solutions
  • A very large library of plugins and templates
  • A very active support community


  • Tool does not allow to make distributable applications in the stores (even if it is possible by using third party encapsulation solutions)
  • Takes longer to learn than other tools - Although a few pages and standard actions are available, the user has to set up all the workflows.

Alternatives to Bubble for creating your marketplace


Prestashop offers a complete e-commerce solution with extensive functionality for managing a marketplace, including vendor management, payments, orders and more. Prestashop is appreciated for its flexibility and expandability, thanks to a wide range of modules. However, compared with Bubble, Prestashop may require technical skills for configuration and customization, as well as more advanced management of hosting and updates.


Shopify is a solid alternative to Bubble for creating an e-commerce marketplace. It offers a complete, user-friendly platform dedicated to online commerce. Shopify is appreciated for its ease of configuration, product and order management features. However, compared with Bubble, Shopify can be more oriented towards traditional commerce sites and may require the installation of certain third-party applications to obtain the specific functionalities of a marketplace.


Webflow is an interesting alternative to Bubble for creating a marketplace. It offers an intuitive and powerful interface for designing interactive websites, including e-commerce functionalities. Webflow is appreciated for its visual design and ease of customization. However, compared with Bubble, Webflow may require more web development skills to create marketplace-specific functionalities, such as user profiles, product management and advanced search features.

Custom (code)

Custom development in code offers total flexibility to create a marketplace fully customized to your specific needs. This approach gives you total control over the design, functionality and performance of your marketplace. However, compared with Bubble, custom development in code requires advanced technical skills and can entail very high costs in terms of initial development, ongoing maintenance and updating of the marketplace.

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