Customized Nocode training and acculturation for L'Oréal teams

L'Oréal, an international group, is the world leader in the cosmetics industry, present in more than 150 countries.
Key benefits of the project

Tech skills on business use cases

Autonomy in detecting opportunities

Discovery of the Nocode ecosystem


L'Oréal wanted to inspire and train its employees by showing them concrete use cases of Nocode that could be implemented by internal teams. In order to meet these needs, L'Oréal called on our expertise to design and implement a training and acculturation day.


We organized a dedicated training day for L'Oréal employees. The morning was dedicated to an inspiration session, including a pitch from Francis Lelong, CEO of Alegria, as well as a presentation of concrete uses of Nocode and a live coding demonstration on AppSheet. In the afternoon, teams received training on AppSheet basics and completed a practical case study.

Among other deliverables, we provided L'Oréal with a functional AppSheet application (inspired by Mapstr) and a Nocode inspiration book.

This day allowed L'Oréal employees to discover the new innovative uses made possible by Nocode and to learn about the tools that can help them implement them within the company.

The tools used for this project
Use cases
Inspiration booklet
Live coding
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