Dilettantes: Nocode boosts champagne sales

Company size
integration of third-party tools

Dilettantes is a cellar, which has the particularity to be 100% dedicated to champagne, allowing to buy in Paris high quality champagnes of Terroirs, conceived in exploitations which have for the most part no access to the large-scale distribution.


With an online store and a physical store, Dilettantes must manage two shopping experiences with the same level of requirement.

Online, the user journey must be frictionless to best inform visitors and improve conversion.


Here are the actions realized thanks to the judicious association of some Nocode tools, simple to adopt:

  • Simplification of gift voucher processes
  • Redesign of the site
  • Setting up dashboards
  • Integration of a chatbot Joonbot to answer frequent questions from potential customers

Teams are seeing an almost immediate increase in online purchases, but no change in stores.

Tasting bookings increase by 10% shortly after the redesign of the site.

Sales teams can focus on customers in-store as they receive 30% fewer calls thanks to the online assistant solution that answers recurring questions.

Key project benefits

Increase in online purchases
10% increase in tasting reservations
30% decrease in calls to stores