Automations for a new service launch

Bluedigo is a startup launched in 2019 specializing in office design and refurbished furniture.
Key benefits of the project

4000 visitors and 600+ purchases in 3 months

Stable and secure solution

Successful launch of the new service


To improve the well-being and engagement of telecommuting employees, Bluedigo launched the Remote Pass at the end of 2020, giving employees access to 100% eco-friendly products that are essential for successful telecommuting.

The challenge for Bluedigo was to facilitate the management of the "Pass Remote" product and the dissemination of information between the various stakeholders (customers, suppliers and Bluedigo teams) while respecting a constrained budget.


In order to meet our client's challenges, we deployed a back-office and created a connection with the Shopify "Pass Remote" stores and with supplier-partners:

  • eShop & backoffice connected
  • Automated order management
  • Implementation of a CRM
The tools used for this project
Third party tool integration
Order management
Lucien Tavano, Alegria associate
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