Automated photo flow management for Devred

Company size
Integration of third-party tools

Founded in 1902 in Amiens, France, Devred is a men's-only ready-to-wear brand offering a wide range of clothing and accessories online and in its hundreds of retail stores.


The aim of the project was to facilitate the management of Devred's product catalog and optimize photo tracking throughout the process, from receipt of prototypes to the online publication of product sheets on their eCommerce site.


To meet Devred's needs, 2 Nocode tools were used:

  • A customized application has been developed for tracking and managing the product catalog.
  • A system has been set up to retrieve historical data and ensure efficient catalog management.
  • The entire photo management process, from studio creation to online publication, has been automated thanks to Make.
  • Specific interfaces have been created for each user, on Webflow, according to the actions to be carried out at each stage.
  • Automatic notifications have been set up to inform users of actions to be taken.
  • A dashboard has been integrated to enable precise monitoring of performance and key indicators.
  • An automatic billing process has been set up.
  • An integration with Storeland ERP has been implemented to ensure smooth, reliable data synchronization between the different systems.

Key project benefits

Better employee experience
Eliminate repetitive data entry
Number of stages divided by 2