Marketing content management with a PowerApps platform

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Integration of third party tools

Boehringer Ingelheim develops innovative therapies to improve the quality of life of people and animals.


The client's challenges were to be able to efficiently track the different marketing content produced by the different profiles participating in the process, to be notified quickly of status changes and to be able to feed another back-office application. This project was brought to us by our partner Caravanserai who handled the client relationship, project management, design, UI/UX design and acceptance.


To meet these challenges, we have developed a content tracking platform on PowerApps that can be used by the 6 different profiles involved in the process.

This platform allows you to follow the progress of the different contents produced, to see the information related to these contents and to be able to carry out actions on them.

We have also implemented InApp and email notifications of status changes, which allows the production team to efficiently monitor the progress of the content produced and to intervene quickly in case of problems.

Finally, we set up a feeder system for another back-office application to allow the client to have the product content information in their data management system.

Key project benefits

Centralization of the data
Facilitation of inter-service exchanges
Integration into the existing eco-system