Franprix adopts automation thanks to tailor-made training

Company size
500+ employees
Use cases
Best practices

Franprix is a French retailer that has been a subsidiary of the Casino Group since September 1997. With a network of 1,000 stores in major cities, Franprix offers a comprehensive range of food and non-food products, as well as a wide range of local services.


With a view to optimizing its internal processes, Franprix decided to introduce the use of the Make tool within its various teams, in particular the Data, Finance and Supply teams. The aim was to enable these teams to automate certain recurring tasks and gain in operational efficiency.
To achieve this, Franprix called on Alegria.Solutions to train its employees.


Alegria.Solutions designed a customized 2-day training course, during which 15 Franprix employees were trained. The training focused on 4 specific use cases identified by Franprix.

In addition to the training, Alegria also provided Franprix with a guide to best practices and governance specific to the Make tool, adapted to Franprix's needs and organization.
This guide covers aspects such as file organization, scenario management and nomenclature, providing Franprix with a clear framework for optimal use of the tool and the sustainability of the solutions implemented.

Key project benefits

Optimizing internal processes
Structured governance
Frame for long-term use