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Le Figaro is the leading news website in France with 24.5 million unique visitors per month. For the 2022 presidential elections, Le Figaro has launched a new platform that presents the programs of the various candidates.


With the presidential election approaching, the number of search engine queries on this topic has increased tenfold.

Le Figaro's goal was to maintain its position as the leading media outlet on political issues. That's why it called on Alegria.tech to build a new website capable of capturing this audience.  

In order to help readers choose a candidate for the 2022 presidential election, the media has launched a new platform to easily access a view of the candidates' positions on major social issues.


The program comparator allows you to select several candidates in order to inform the French about the proposals of each one on the campaign themes: purchasing power, education, family, health, immigration, security and current issues.

For each of the selected themes, readers discover the questions and answers given by the candidates to the major issues of the day.

This new program comparator adds new features over its 2017 version.

Thus, users now have the possibility to :

  • Select the number of candidates of their choice
  • Go directly to the topics that interest them the most
  • Consult the candidates' positions on current issues
  • Share questions / answers given by candidates on social networks

Journalists were able to access the back office to edit new proposals throughout the campaign with full technical autonomy.

Key project benefits

Autonomy of journalists
Development in record time
Management of a large volume of data